NeoKay Drops - Vitamin K1

Introducing NeoKay, a simple preservative-free mono vitamin food supplement containing Vitamin K in fractionated coconut oil.

Manufactured to pharmaceutical Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) for supplementation to babies. Does not contain artificial colours or flavours.

  • Developed after consultation with leading experts to offer a reliable and inexpensive choice of oral Vitamin K supplementation
  • Convenient dropper presentation provides a daily content of Vitamin K comparable to infant formula feed products
  • Low volume drop (0.25ml) designed to overcome problems such as aspiration from larger volume products
  • Easy to use - does not need to be given by a nurse, midwife or doctor, and leaves no sharp or ampoule requiring safe disposal afterwards.

What is NeoKay?

NeoKay Oral Drops is a food supplement intended for new born babies. The drops contain Vitamin K1.

What is NeoKay recommended for?

Vitamin K is obtained from a normal, healthy diet (for example, leafy green vegetables). Whilst breast milk is the ideal nutrition for your baby, it contains relatively little Vitamin K. Vitamin K is added to artificial milks. NeoKay is designed to provide the regular daily natural supplementation needed by babies who have not had a large artificial intramuscular injection at birth. All premature babies, even those fed artificial milk may need some additional Vitamin K unless they have had an Intramuscular booster injection at birth. A few babies with liver disease may benefit from higher doses of NeoKay; seek advice.

How should NeoKay be administered?

One 0.25 ml dose should be given daily before or after feeds. Fill the dropper up to the graduated mark. This will provide 0.25ml. Each 0.25ml dose contains 50μg Vitamin K1. Consult your health professional for advice.

Directions for use

How long should NeoKay be given?

NeoKay drops are normally given until the breast fed baby is transferred onto a formula milk product or weaned onto solid foods. NeoKay should be given to both breast fed babies and premature babies fed artificial milk until they reach the age of three months. NeoKay can be discontinued at this time, a bottle of NeoKay contains 25ml - enough for 100 days.

Are there any precautions?

Store NeoKay drops in a cool dry place. Protect from light. You should preferably keep the bottle in the outer carton. Keep out of site and reach of children. Shake the bottle gently before use. Replace the dropper/lid assembly securely. Discard any unused product. Keep the carton and leaflet for reference.


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